Music and craft beer are set to prove a winning combination as Perthshire-based craft beer maker Inveralmond Brewery gets ready to back the new season of performances and events in Perth Concert Hall.

As Perth’s Autumn and Winter entertainment programme from Horsecross Arts gets underway, Inveralmond will be offering samples of its top beer brand, Ossian, at a series of shows at Perth Justin HaywardConcert Hall.

In addition, Inveralmond continues its Golden Ticket offer which gives away tickets to Horsecross shows and a free dinner at Perth Concert Hall, through competitions on social media.

Highlights of the upcoming music season in Perth Concert Hall include former Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward, famous for hits such as Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon, on 22 September. Deacon Blue will play to a capacity crowd on 11 November, and Phil Cunningham’s Christmas Songbook, featuring Eddi Reader, puts its unique Scottish slant on Christmas favourites on 16 December.

Fergus Clark, Managing Director of Inveralmond Brewery, said:

“In our minds, great music deserves great beer. Not only that, as a Perthshire-based brewery we love getting the chance to support local events. That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with Horsecross Arts and Perth Concert Hall. Visitors will be able to meet our staff for a sample of Ossian in the foyer of the concert hall to get them in the mood for a great show.”

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A dram fine beer collaboration between Perthshire-based craft beer maker Inveralmond Brewery and The Glenturret Distillery is enjoying a second round of success after a new batch was released due to popular demand.Ooskabeer

The brewery and the distillery have issued a second batch of Ooskabeer, which sold out just weeks after being launched last November. Ooskabeer blends the distilling skills of The Glenturret Distillery, home to The Famous Grouse Experience in Crieff, with the brewing skills of Inveralmond, located in nearby Perth, to produce a slowly matured beer infused with the delicate aromas and flavours of whisky. Inveralmond provided premium Scotch Ale which was then slowly matured in Glenturret’s whisky barrels.

Ooskabeer Batch #2 has been partly distributed in Switzerland, with the remaining 100 cases available for sale direct to the public by Inveralmond and Glenturret Distillery. After the success of Ooskabeer Batch #1, Inveralmond is encouraging craft beer lovers to get their orders in quickly.

Fergus Clark, Managing Director of Inveralmond Brewery, commented:

“Ooskabeer is the perfect coming together of two Perthshire companies who live and breathe great products and heritage. Glenturret provided the casks while we added our brewing expertise and our premium Scotch Ale. We’re always looking to experiment with our beers and this one was a great success, having been snapped up by distributors in the UK and Europe. The infusion of malt whisky gives the beer an extra warmth and richness. Such was the demand that we’ve launched Batch #2, which we know is going to be just as much of a hit.”

Ooskabeer Batch #2 is available for sale at and

Perthshire based craft beer maker Inveralmond Brewery has linked up with Britain’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame, in a cross-border deal that will see each distribute the other’s products.

Starting in March, Inveralmond Brewery will distribute Shepherd Neame’s Hog Island East Coast Pale Ale in casks. Launched this month, Hog Island is an American-style 4.8% ABV beer using hops that are in vogue in the USA. In April Shepherd Neame, based in Faversham, Kent, will return the favour by distributing Inveralmond’s Thrappledouser beer to its pubs and hotels in the south east of England. Thrappledouser is a 4.3% ABV Scottish Red Beer that uses hops from Kent.

Bob Hogg, commercial director of the award-winning Inveralmond Brewery, commented:

“We’re delighted to be extending our reach into the south east of England whilst introducing Shepherd Neame’s new range of beers into Scotland. It’s exciting to be working with Britain’s oldest brewery and a company with some amazing pubs south of the border. We will start with Thrappledouser then we hope to distribute our Ossian brand and possibly more of our beers later this year.”

Andy Pinnock, head of national sales at Shepherd Neame, commented:

We are excited to be working with Inveralmond on the distribution of No18 Yard Hog Island, our new 4.8% American Style Pale Ale. We know Inveralmond make great beer and supply the best cask Pubs in Scotland so it was a natural choice for us to work with them on distributing our new range. We also look forward to introducing some of Inveralmond’s iconic beers to continue to extend the range available to drinkers in our pubs.

Despite their distance from each other, Shepherd Neame and Inveralmond Brewery share a commitment to excellence and innovation, and to providing a wide repertoire for their customers. They also use the finest traditional ingredients. Shepherd Neame, established in 1698, uses water from its own artesian well whilst Inveralmond nourishes its beers with the crystal clear rivers of Perthshire, in the heart of Scotland.

Popular craft beer Rascal London Porter is about to cause a splash in the burgeoning U.S. market, thanks to a deal between Perthshire based Inveralmond Brewery and Iron Horse Beverage.

Beginning at the end of March, Rascal will hit bars and retail stores in the USA, starting with New York and California. The agreement with Iron Horse Beverage puts Rascal in a highly competitive but fast-growing craft beer market. There are now more than 4,000 active breweries in the United States, with two opening per day, according to the Brewers Association. That is thought to be the highest number since the 1870s.

Rascal, a rich dark beer with a 5.6% ABV, forms part of Inveralmond’s Inspiration Series. Iron Horse Beverage will bring two more beers from the series to the USA in the coming months: the Czech pilsner inspired brew Sunburst and Belgian Abbey beer inspired De Mons.

The Iron Horse/Inveralmond deal is one of the first to come out of Showcasing Scotland, a meeting of 100 Scottish food and drink companies and 140 international buyers last October. Organised by Scotland Food & Drink, Scottish Development International, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise, the event took place at Gleneagles as part of Year of Food and Drink Scotland 2015.

Susan Beattie, head of food and drink at Scottish Development International, said: “It’s great to hear that the connections we made at Showcasing Scotland, and Inveralmond Brewery’s hard work in following up this event, have paid off. We know that there is strong interest in craft beer from US consumers and Scotland is well placed to respond with high quality products from companies like Inveralmond.”

The man behind Rascal’s U.S. launch, Cliff Morello, took Grolsch to the USA. He launched Iron Horse Beverage in 2004 and supplies beers to 35 states. In what he calls a “cut-throat, very competitive” market, Morello said he was looking for a product that would stand out.

Morello, Chief Executive Officer and President of Iron Horse Beverage, commented:

“When I started in this business there were 65 breweries in the USA. Now there are over 4200 with probably another 1800 coming. Craft beers have 15% of the market. The number one craft beer in the USA is the IPA, whereas not everybody has a Porter.”

Rascal has a combination of a spicy aroma and silky palate and is inspired by the mighty brewing styles of 18th century London. The London Porter is named after the porters who moved goods on and off ships and around London’s city streets.

Bob Hogg, commercial director for Inveralmond Brewery, commented:

“Rascal has been a great hit in the UK and we fully expect it to cause a stir in the USA. We believe its interesting combination of flavours makes it unique in the market. The same can be said for our whole Inspiration Series, which we’re delighted to see launched into an exciting and fast-growing craft beer sector in the USA. We’re also happy to see a positive outcome from Showcasing Scotland and last year’s Year of Food & Drink Scotland celebration.”

As well as being sold in the UK on-trade and off-trade, Rascal London Porter has been shipped to Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy. The brand will get an extra marketing boost in March when it hits the shelves of Aldi in Scotland as part of the supermarket chain’s Scottish Beer Festival, an in-store showcase of Scottish breweries  beginning on March 10th and available while stocks last.

Rascal won Champion Beer at the 2015 World’s Biggest Ale Festival, run by JD Wetherspoon, before it was officially launched. As a result it was featured on JD Wetherspoon’s national guest ale list during July and August 2015.

Craft beer brand Rascal London Porter, which celebrates its first birthday this month, is making a big splash with beer lovers and the trade. And the best bit? With little marketing and facing a crowded sector, the cheeky Rascal is succeeding against the odds.

Winner of an award before it was officially launched, critics’ favourite, and the stuff of impressive sales, Rascal is enjoying success thanks to its clever positioning and a few drops of good luck.

With limited marketing, it has sold the equivalent of 100,000 pints to date and will hit the USA next month. Meanwhile, supermarket chain Aldi has picked it to be part of its Scottish Beer Festival, an in-store showcase of Scottish breweries beginning on March 10th and available while stocks last.

It’s what you might call the perfect product launch, says craft brewer Inveralmond Brewery. And with such a success on its hands, the Perthshire brewer is keen to share its secrets with the food and drink trade.

Bob Hogg, Commercial Director at Inveralmond Brewery, commented:

“Little did we know when we named this beer Rascal just what a cheeky rascal it would turn out to be. We knew we were onto a winner with this product, the latest from our Inspiration Series of beers, but its rapid rise in popularity – and in an already crowded sector – has surprised all of us. It has cemented itself with a strong fan base, and it’s a hit with critics too.”

Here, then, are Rascal’s 5 Steps to Success:

Step 1: Have a fantastic product

Rascal first started to hit Britain’s pubs and off-trade in February 2015 as part of Inveralmond’s Inspiration Series. A rich dark beer with notes of silky mocha flavours, it has a spicy aroma and a complex, mellow finish.  In other words, there’s mischief lurking in those dark mahogany depths. In his beer column in The Herald, Colin Campbell described Rascal as “full of life and character… [with a] long, amiable bittersweet finish that hugs you and asks, very persuasively, for more. A brilliant beer.”

Step 2: Stand out in a crowded market

Why the name Rascal? For a start, it’s a mischievous beer – a 5.6% ABV with a combination of a spicy aroma and silky palate. For another, it’s streetwise. In developing it, Inveralmond Brewery was inspired by the mighty brewing styles of 18th century London, a place where rascals prevailed. “Our new product development team felt that it summed up the rugged rascals that were around in London at that time,” says Hogg.

Step 3: Launch yourself at exactly the right time

No doubt about it: British beer is undergoing a revolution, with craft beer outperforming the rest of the market. The number of breweries is skyrocketing and is now higher than at any time since the 1940s. The UK now has more breweries per head than any other country, opening at the rate of one every two days.*

The London Porter dates back to 18th century and 19th century London. Named after the porters who moved goods on and off ships and around London’s city streets, London Porters are seeing a steady rise in popularity. And while some would say it’s foolish to dive into a crowded market, Rascal is proving that it can compete. Sales are 40% to 50% more than anticipated, says Hogg.

As well as being sold in the UK on-trade and off-trade, Rascal has been shipped to Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy. The next step is to dip a toe into the U.S. market. Starting at the end of March, Inveralmond will export the brand to pubs and retail stores in the USA via U.S. importer Iron Horse Beverage. Rascal will get an extra marketing boost in March when it hits the shelves of Aldi in Scotland as part of the supermarket chain’s Scottish Beer Festival. Starting on March 10th, Rascal will be available in Aldi stores while stocks last.

Step 4: Get a competition win under your belt

Rascal London Porter won Champion Beer at the 2015 World’s Biggest Ale Festival, run by JD Wetherspoon, before it was even officially launched. After winning the Dark Ales Class, Rascal progressed to the final and won the festival’s overall Champion Beer award, which JD Wetherspoon customers voted for online. The result? It was featured on JD Wetherspoon’s national guest ale list during July and August 2015.

David Aucutt from East West Ales explained what made Rascal stand out from its beer contemporaries to be crowned Champion Beer: “Rascal won the Dark Ales Class initially as it was considered the beer with the most balanced flavour. Rascal won the overall Champion Beer award for the same reason, but also for being the beer the judges considered to be the most distinctive. Of all the beers tasted, it was the one they would most like to drink again.”

Step 5: Be a lucky rascal

 A little bit of serendipity goes a long way. Just as Rascal was gathering steam for its nod to 18th century beer making, so interest was growing in that whole era of British history.

Dickensian, a new TV series that reimagines Charles Dickens’ novels into 20 half-hour episodes for the soap-loving generation, has taken off on the BBC. The elaborate set even features The Three Cripples pub, featured in Oliver Twist. And the London Porter just happened to be Dickens’ beer of choice.

Meanwhile, Series 2 of Poldark, set in late 18th century Cornwall, comes our way in the Autumn, with a third series already in the works.

Inveralmond Brewery, one of Scotland’s leading craft beer producers, has come up with a way to make its products more accessible than ever to pub and restaurant owners.

Through a deal with online ordering and distribution company EeBria Trade, Inveralmond hopes to satisfy a growing demand for its award-winning craft beers whilst making the ordering process easier on its trade customers not served by the brewery’s normal distribution range.

Pub and restaurant owners across the UK who sign up with EeBria Trade can order on-line direct from the Perth-based brewery.

Launched in June 2015, EeBria Trade helps pubs and restaurants “escape the bland and the boring” by offering UK-wide delivery direct from brewers, with orders from as little as one keg at a time.

Inveralmond, which prides itself on brewing ‘Beautiful beer from the heart of Scotland’, is offering four of its award winning brews via EeBria Trade:

  • Ossian, a pale, golden coloured beer with nutty tones and a hoppy, zesty orange aroma;
  • Lia Fail, a dark, full-bodied beer with a deep malty taste;
  • Sunburst, the original authentic Czech pilsner brewed in Scotland and part of Inveralmond’s award-winning Inspiration Series of beers;
  • Rascal London Porter, also part of the Inspiration Series and crowned Champion Beer at the World’s Biggest Ale Festival, run by JD Wetherspoon.

Explaining what makes the EeBria contract such a crafty move, Fergus Clark, managing director at Inveralmond Brewery, commented:

“We’re continuously looking to make things easier for our trade customers and to satisfy the increasing demand for our products throughout the UK. The deal with EeBria means pubs and restaurants get their beers quickly and are guaranteed fresh stock in just one working day.”